Glass polishig services

Get rid of scratches on the windows

Damaged windows can be repaired, so there is no need to replace the entire window. After our visit, the windows are like new.

Damaged window - what can be fixed?

With our glass polishing technology and equipment, we often fix the following problems:

If it is, for example, a concrete runoff, a corroded window or a runoff caused by alkalized water, we can make the windows clear again.

We inspect the windows on behalf of the customer and make a report or offer on the windows that need repair. This especially saves the builders and project managers time on site, and our customers can be confident that the windows are in good condition at the time of delivery.

Glass polishng is fast and environmentally friendly

Repairing and polishing the window surface is the solution to many problems. It is cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than getting a new window. The manufacture and transport of new glass is a major producer of carbon emissions, and we can save up to 1,000 kg of CO2 per window on average.

Glass polishing is also a faster solution than replacing a window. If a new window has to be ordered from the factory and installed in place, inconvenience will be caused to the resident, for example. When using our services our customers and property residents avoid unnecessary hassle.

Example work

Wondering if the scratches on your window could be repaired – and what it would cost? Definitely less than installing a new window. In the example works, you will find information about what different glass polishings have cost.