Do not replace the window due to scratches. Remove scratches from glass with glass polishing – following the idea of sustainable development!

Inexpensive repair of window damage

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If a window has scratches or stains, it does not have to be replaced. The old one can be renovated with our first-class equipment and solid professional expertise.

The glass polishing we do is environmentally friendly. We polish and repair windows ecologically and use recycled materials, so the carbon footprint is close to zero.

We serve both larger companies and private customers. We operate strongly in the construction industry, mainly in new construction, in addition to which we also offer our professional expertise to consumers. We fix the window glass on site!


Does the glass surface need refurbishment? A scratch on the window? We will make glass surfaces and windows as good as new.

Example work

What does it cost to polish a window surface? See examples of polishing work and prices.


Our glass polishing service is unique! We can fix almost all glass surface damages. Contact us!

Satisfaction guarantee

If we do not get the window in order, we will not send an invoice either. Always contact us before you start changing windows.

Satisfied customers

Rakennustoimisto V.O. Mattila Oy

I am satisfied with the outcome. Glass polishing makes more sense than window replacement when possible. We saved time and money with Lasitohtori services.

- Tuomo Hänninen, Warranty Repairer Manager

Peab Oy

The communication was excellent and the windows were repaired using Lasitohtori methods. Time was saved and the work was done swiftly and effortlessly. The total cost of glass polishing was certainly lower than replacing a window.

- Harri Pölkki, Project Manager

Hartela Etelä-Suomi Oy

We have been really satisfied with the services of the Lasitohtori. Time and effort was saved when the windows were repaired on site. The windows are like new and we avoided replacing the windows.

- Jani Hukka, Project Manager


Lasitohtori service was excellent, everything went as agreed. Thanks to glass polishing, there was a clear financial saving. The polished windows are like new.

- Jarkko Niskanen, Project Leader